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Birth Date12/24/75
AddressFederal Correctional Institution - Unit E
Box 1731
Waseca, MN 56093
Nation/TribeOglala Lakota
CommentsLooking to correspond with any female in the age of group of 25 and older. I am 5' 10": tall, 16 lbs, non-smoker, no kids, laid back, easy to get along with, good listener and I like to joke around alot.

Right now I'm trying to continue my education using the G.I. bill, by taking some corresponde ce courses from a college in the construciton field or medical field to become a paramedic and I also want to take some language courses in Spanish, Japanese, and German. Upon my release from prison, I plan to work 2 jobs and find the right woman to settle down with and I also want to travel to other countries.
InterestsPlaying basketball, running, lifting weights, eating all kinds of foods, trying to gain some weight - which I can't. I like reading novels by John Grisham, Stuart Woods, Dean Koontz, but I read all novels. I like listening to rock n roll and country music most of the time, but I listen to all music, except rap.

I want to learn about other natives from the US and people from different countries, cultures and ways. I also want to know about the wicca people, on how they're supposed to be similar to the Native religion? Before coming to prison my hobbies were fishing, hiking, horseback riding and meeting new friends. Well I was in the Army, going to the movies, dance clubs, sky diving, and doing all other stuff while I was young.
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