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Birth Date5/21/65
AddressMCC/WSR A-2-25
P O Box 777
Monroe, WA 98272
Nation/TribeLac Courte Orielles Ojibway
CommentsHello,  my name is Anthony,  but everyone calls me Tony.  I'm doing (3) years for forgery and theft.  I am a non-violent,  non-sex offender,  I'd like to get that out of the way so there's no "wondering." I'm half Lac Courte Orielles Ojibway and half Italian,  my mother & father met in San Francisco in "64" and I was born in Tacoma,  WA in 65. I used to spend summers in Brooklyn and NYC.  From the time I was  (7)  until about  (16)  -  my mother knew how my family is over there and I didn't get any more summers in the city. Unfortunately I've never been to my reservation,  in fact,  my father passed away in October and left my sister and I  178 acres and a lot of money. It's really kinda ironic,  I'm in here for stealing over $270,000 and at this time we lived poor.  I've never received a "Per Cap" or anything -- and all this time my dad knew about what we have on the res and never once mentioned it. My father and his 2 brothers were taken away by white people when they were very young, so I guess my father never cared too much for our tribe -- even though my father participated in the fishing rights "riots" here in Puyallup and Nisqually and A.I.M. people used to stay at our house from time to time.  He was always very proud of being "Indian,"  we weren't "native Americans" then and I don't consider myself much of an "American" now.  Anyways I don't get to see my land or anything until April 23,  2005,  when I'm released.
InterestsMy favorite author is Charles Bukowski.  I like a pretty eclectic variety of music,  as well as art.  My favorite art is definitely Native art.  I play a lot of sports,  always have.  I grew up boxing and playing football.  Now I play basketball,  handball,  and softball.  I run and work out on the heavy bag,  speed bag,  lots of calisthenics,  and light weight workouts.  I love to write and have a wide variety of life experiences to draw from,  so feel free to write whatever you want,  as I will as well.
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