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Birth Date2/8/72
AddressUSP Leavenworth
P O Box 1000
Leavenworth, KS 66048
Nation/TribeOglala Sioux Tribe (Pine Ridge, SD) / Black
CommentsI'm open mindedto all thoughts of life,  in all walks of life.  I would like to find my lady to find out life together and cherish her mind,  to respect her in every way.  She means that much.  If you feel a vibe in what I've described to you don't be afraid to write,  I don't bite,  if you're through with games,  unfaithfullness and lonely,  your loneliness has come to an end.  I'll meet you half way,  if you will meet me half way,  we could come true,  all you need is faith ... I'm waiting for you patiently.

Age ain't nothing but a number,  it's what is inside that really counts. [**] If you need a friend,  my heart and arms are open to you to.  Take care always All walks of people are welcomed.  I know that I'm in prison,  and all I have is my personality and mind to express myself in what I seek.  I don't have a lot to offer or able to do anything at this time,  but I am real in what I say and seek.  I am released next year.  I want to build a foundation with real communication.  I'm real for you ... [** NOTE: NAPN requires visitors to the site to be age 18 or older.]
InterestsI enjoy reading,  playing basketball,  football,  ping pong,  baseball,  drawing,  meeting new people,  making friends,  creative and artistic prospects and I like clowns with an edge,  and poetry.
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