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Number1002323 - M23
Birth Date9/29/55
AddressStevinson Unit
1525 FM 766
Cuero, TX 77954
Nation/TribeBlackfeet Cheyenne
CommentsI am a heavy equipment operator and wish to go back to school to update!  I am in school now for plant maintenance,  electrical,  typing,  and upgrade of GED.  I would like to talk to someone of Cheyenne blood so that I may learn of my people's ways.  I also would like to write to a woman who walks the Red Path,  that is looking for a friendship or maybe more.  I am 6' 2,"  blue eyes,  brown hair.
InterestsI like fishing,  hunting,  living in the woods,  and kids.  I also like to make Native American things,  bow,  drum,  rattles,  medicine bags,  and bundles.  Reading books,  learning new things,  knowing the Great Spirit and the Red Road.  The type of books I like are adventure,  science fiction,  western,  archeology,  and I have read most all Zecharia Sitchin's books.  Music wise,  I like old rock,  blues,  and country western.  I also enjoy camping,  walking,  and swimming.
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