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Jessie Dunn photo
Birth Date
AddressSmith Unit F-121 H/S
1313 County Rd 19
La Mesa, TX 79331
Nation/TribeMuskogee Creek/Cheyenne
CommentsMy name is "Shadow Hawk," my slave name is Jessie Dunn, but I like being called Shadow Hawk for it is the name our Earth Mother and Great Spirit have given me. I am Muskogee Creek and Cheyenne, enrolled with the Creek Nation of Oklahoma. I am 28 years old with hazel eyes and long black hair. I am a paper sack tan color, 5' 12" is my height and I weigh 170 lbs. I enjoy life to it's fullest. I am practicing the use of Native Indian healing with herbs and I am a vision guide. I love American Indian women and women of color so I prefer any women of color to write to.
InterestsI like to snuggle and weatch movies; love the outdoors and camping, hiking, hunting, etc ... I'm a romantic so I like to wine and dine my lady friends. I like to cook for them and pretty much pamper them and be pampered back. I'm a country boy at heart, but also love the city life too. Very spontaneous. Well I guess that about wraps it up eh... until later I leave with as much respect as I entered.
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