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Birth Date5/6/71
AddressPreston E Smith High Security Unit
1313 County Road 19
La Mesa, TX 79331
CommentsMy name is Fernie and I'm about 5'  11" tall,  with brown eyes and short black hair.  I'm a Native American,  Artist,  and enjoy drawing anything that pertains to the Southwestern style art theme.  I also like to draw fantasy art and do every now and then.  I enjoy drawing anything that is in no way about violence or any gang affiliation.  Upon release I may think about starting a project to sell my own art work,  poetry,  and arts and crafts. I enjoy listening to all kinds of music,  from jazz,  R & B,  and grunge, to old rock n roll. I tend to read some novels from time to time,  authors like John Grisham,  Dean Koontz,  and James Patterson.  I enjoy reading books about mystery,  suspense,  and some horror too.  I also pen poetry and currently working on a book which will be a compilation of all my poems. I also make lil jewelery boxes out of soap,  and also can make picture frames out of paper.  I like to keep my mind busy and stay focused on trying to better myself in this place. I would like to meet anyone who is looking for a sincere,  loyal,  and honest friend.  Maybe we can become great friends and start a friendship.  I'd like to share my thoughts,  feelings,  poetry,  drawings,  and my life with some really caring people.  I would like to possibly get in touch with people that like to read,  write,  draw anything in particular.  I seek friendship and (a) good friend(s) to help me pass my time,  and perhaps we can become good friends to be there for each other and help each other through difficult times, etc.
InterestsWhen I'm out there in the free world,  I like to fish and camp;  love nature,  and love doing anything pertaining to being outdoors. I'm just a very easy going person with goals and ambitions in my life.  My interests are to become a better individual in everything I do,  and possibly try to keep the younger generation out of these prisons by being there for them and talking to them about continuing their education and bettering themselves in all that they do,  and to stay strong in all aspects of life.
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