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Birth Date12/25/67
AddressFederal Correctional Institution Waseca
P O Box 1731
Waseca, MN 56093
Nation/TribeBrule Lakota
CommentsI don't have my res number of BIA number, I was adopted out as a young boy. I have been trying to find my father's people because I have a twin brother somewhere on Pine Ridge or Lower Brule Reservations.

A little about myself, I was born somewhere on Pine Ridge in 1967. I come from a big family as far I can find out from my adopted parents. I have my birth certificate, which lists my father's name, and says I have a twin brother. My adoptive parents had my family bring me to Newport, KY so they could adopt me because that was the only way they could get approved for it. I was raised up in east Tennessee in a little town named Clinton, in the Smokey Mountains til I was 21. Then got married, stayed that way for 14 years but now am awedo and been that way for (2) years, which makes me 37 (2005) now.

I am 5' 9" tall, have black hair, brown eyes, 179 lbs. I am quite easy going, laidback, straight forward, don't steal or lie, but am far from being perfect; not always am I the easiest person to understand or get to figure out at times, and some times my letters aren't the easiest to read because I can't write very well as my spelling ain't that good. I sometimes can't say certain words well but I try. I am a down to earth person, a good listener, and I have been trying to learn my people's language or speak Lakota, but I am learning.

I was glad to find that there are those who would be willing to be pen pals to us natives that are locked up. I am getting out soon and hope there's someone that would like to be a penpal with anlost soul that's trying to find his way home, and that I will hear back from someone before I get out.

What I look for in a friend, that means a lot to me, is someone that is not judgemental, but is understanding, that would be a true friend in time, someone taht would be truthful, honest, caring; someone that would meet someone halfway, and someone that would have some of the same interests as I do. Someone as a friend, someone that might become close over time; someone that might become like a brother, sister or mother, or just an companion or friend to talk to over theh phone or dinner or at pow wows sometimes or just someone of my people, the Brule Lakota Sioux, to hlep me to be more in touch with my people.
InterestsInto trying to find my way back to my roots. I love pow wows, am still learning how to dance. My interests are learning the red road, native history, outdoors, horseback riding, fishing, camping, spending time with the older people, learning new things, life in general; truck driving, leather crafts, beading. I lost everything since was locked up and have to start over. But that is another story. I like watching old movies, reding, meeting new people and making new friends, listening to native music, just to name a few.
Release Date07/11/05 - NOTE impending release - please contact John ASAP.

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