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NumberH 42586
Birth Date
AddressP O Box 5242 / D3-130L
Corcoran, CA 93212
Nation/TribeTaino of Major Antilles
CommentsHi, my name is Ray, I'm 53 years of age, 6' 2" and approximately 240 lbs. I am of Taino Indian decent of the Major Antilles. I am looking for a pen pal who is intelligent, between the ages of 45 - 50, who is active and can hold a good conversation. I have 4 years left in my sentence and am looing for someone for a possible relationship, if not good friends. I was born and raised in N.Y.C. I love to dance at night clubs to Salsa music. I wish to correspond with females of any ethnic and of all ages. [NOTE: NAPN requires site visitors to be age 18 or older.] I am a romantic and aware of all the little things women want. I close for now, until I hear from you. Ray.
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