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Birth Date10/27/80
AddressASPC Florence - Central Unit - 3 -C - 2
P O Box 8200
Florence, AZ 85232
Nation/TribeTimbisha Shoshone
Comments5' 11" tall, 150 lbs, black hair, brown eyes. Born in Phoenix, AZ, raised in Death Valley, CA. I am associated with the Timbisha Shoshone tribe on my mother's side. I'm the oldest of 3 sisters and 2 brothers. I"m facing a 50 year sentence. A friend is in need.
Interests1) People; 2) Anything to do with Native culture, languages, songs, writings, books, etc. 3) Music: hip hop, R&B, rock, rap and oldies. 4) I am a self-taught artist. I like to draw portraits. I can draw about anything if I get a visual idea. I work with pens and pencils only.
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