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Richard Copeland photo
NameRichard Little Horse Copeland
Birth Date9/20/63
AddressWynne Unit A4-3-12T
Huntsville, TX 77349
CommentsA New Years resolution 2005. Greetings, my name is Lkittle White Horse. I am rewriting my page. I have chosen the path of our ancestors. I will not be treated like a serpent any longer. I have been lied to by some gray coats and am tired of being around inmates that have no clue to change. I am awaiting to be taken away to lock up. My discharge date is Febuary 2006. I will be totally a free red man. I will go home to an old Comanche man that raised me. He's a World War II vet. I will take over the big cattle farm he willed to me, care for him til it's his time to go to the Great Chief, to that golden village high on top of the universe. I will use much of the funds he left to work among all red peoples that are poor. The Red Road way teacheswe are all realteives, so please my relatives, write to Little White Horse. I send my love unto you all for my love for you is great. For Grandfather Great Spirit, the Great Chief lives in my spirit. I am one quarter red man, the rest is Dutch, but in my spirit I am not a white man.

41 eyars old, 5' 8 1/2" tall, 150 lbs. In my (9) years of incarceration I have lifted weights, me in great appearance for pretty red maiden. Ha! Ha! I'm nice looking, have very strong red man features, piercing bluegreen eyes change colors alot grays, green, light blue or even red with green ring. I am very knowledgeable in Red Road way, speak Comanche, Chippewa, Apache, Sioux and Spanish. I am an oil painter of red man heritage. I love painting the warriors. I make cereomonial points of all kinds, flint, obsidian, agates, petrified woods, gasper or colored glass. I make red man jewelery of all kinds and attend pow wows. I'm active in pipe ceremonies and etc. I have a rock band waiting in the free world. I sing lead vocals, play guitar, and write all the songs.
Interests I am a very romantic man, and like candlelit dinners, fishing, racing cars back home, movies, cuddling.
Release DateFeb 2006

Richard Copeland drawing for Kim A special gift from Little Horse. Thank you Little Horse.

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