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Birth Date11/14/82
AddressRt 3 Box 22-100 B-17
Newton, TX 75966
Nation/TribePima - T.O. - Hopi
CommentsFirst of all I want to thank Kim for trying to help us male prisoners find a pen pal.  Every day we look forward to mail in a place like this,  so thank you Kim.

My name is Marvin Leonard Coops,  Jr.  Everybody calls me "Jr"  I'm (20) years young,  5'  7"  tall,  and I weigh about 180 lbs.  It's all muscle too.  No,  I'm just kidding,  but anyway,  the type of Native blood I carry are Pima,  Tohono O'odham and Hopi.  I reside in Central Phx,  Arizona.  But I'm an enrolled member at the Salt River Community.  I have one kid who lives in the "White Mountains" and boy I can't wait to see my little boy. He's my pride and joy.

I have brown skin,  dark brown eyes and short black hair.  I usually keep my hair to a short fade.  I have a few tattooes and no piercings.  All of my people live in Phoenix,  AZ except for my son.  I have (2) sisters and (3) bros.

My house is in a quiet neighborhood of Phoenix.  Nice green grass,  enough shade to sit and have a relaxing day break.  In the back yard we have a dog running around by the name of "Smokey."  During the day the house is so quiet you could actually sit and have a glass of milk an some chips ahoy cookies without having anybody cry for one.  How nice is that?

When I get out I plan to build myself a house in Salt River.  I also plan to pay my mom's house off for her.  When and if I get my GED,  I plan to attend Phoenix College or Scottsdale Community College.  I also plan to be the father to my boy I always wanted my father to be to me.  But that's a whole different subject.  But anyways,  I plan to be with my family more often.
InterestsMy interest list is very long.  I'm a very out going person.  I like to participate in sports and a whole lot of other activities.  I'm pretty much an active young man.

In my spare time the types of magazines I enjoy reading are The Source,  Maximum, and Lowrider.  I really don't have any specific books in mind.  To be honest,  I really don't enjoy reading,  but yes,  I do know how to read.  The types of muzik I enjoy listening to are oldies,  East Coast hip-hop,  a little bit of West Coast hip-hopo,  and rap.  I like some rock and heavy metal,  as well as country.  And last but not least,  I like R & B and the Blues.

My hobbies are to play sports,  build lowrider cars, work out,  and clean.  I would also like to work on building houses more often,  and do yard work.  I think that's pretty much it on my interests and hobbies.
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