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Kenny Collins photo
Birth Date
Address2605 State St.
Salem, OR 97310
CommentsI am Chippewa from the Turtle Mountain band from Belcourt, ND and Sioux from Popular, MT, Fort Peck Indian reservation. I would like women pen pals only, friendship or other - open to new ideas. I am wanting to stay sober, clean, and to settle down. I want a job and family.
InterestsMy hobbies are art, poetry, exercising, reading, and writing.

Looking for some guidance, to assist me in my path to enlightenmnet; to get me thorugh the next year and half. I understand my boldness in stating this. I'd rather be upfront than deceive and disgrace myself. Not wanting to do those thngs to whomever wants to be that person(s) (people) who wish to be that outreach. I'm not requesting much. I come with respect.

Needing, starving for all that I wish to accomplish. Keeping the "self" in check, clean thoughts, actions and tongue, strengthening my mind, making me and not allowing them to break me. So the pride within is true, learning what is needed, desired, etc.
No begging, not wanting to pressure, able to accept whatever may come to pass, that is a free choice. Friendship is important, trust is needed, what ever the fate may be, is bound to be ... accepted, with in I understand.
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