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Birth Date2/11/68
AddressBaraga Maximum Correctional Facility
301 Wadaga Road
Baraga, MD 49908
Nation/TribeCherokee/African American
CommentsI am 6' 2" tall, 202 lbs, in excellent shape. I enjoy studying world history (ancient religions & wars), would like more access to history on the ancient Mayas and Aztecs. I write poetry, songs (mostly rap songs), and short stories. I am, unfortunately, hooked on "The Young and the Restless."

I'm interested in sharing with and learning from a Native American woman, who can enlighten me more on the cultures, relgious practices, and perspectives of various Native American tribes. My knowledge in this area is limited. I am not 100% Native American: my great grandmother was Cherokee, lived all ehr life in Tennessee, and died May 1988. Since then I've been in search of someone who is willing to teach me, and bond with me, about my Native American ancestry, without holding the fact that I am, for the most part, African American, against me. In my limited experience I've encountered Native Americans who would prefer not to bond with "black" men, even though a very high percentage of "blacks" in America have Native American blood coursing through our veins. Not to mention the historiacl atrosities inflicted on both African Americans and Native Americans during the early development of this "great nation." I'm interested in corresponding with a woman who can help me break through the barriers, and also a source of organization that can provide me withh a lot more information regarding the bonds, connections, similiarities, and things shared commonly by "black" Americans and Native Americans.
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