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Joseph Churchill photo
Birth Date5/6/77
AddressWabash Valley Correctional Facility
P O Box 2222
Carlisle, IN 47838
Nation/TribeUnverified, but told Tuscarora as youth
CommentsNative American-"European" mixed ancestry.  Physically favors European ancestry while the heart is entirely for the People,  living,  breathing and praying within the Circle.  25 years old,  6'  3 3/4"  tall,  175 lbs.,  blue eyes,  NON-ALCOHOLIC,  raised in San Diego,  California away from the people's influence and guidance.

I am lean and athletic,  and blessed to stand amongst the People,  a blessing I wish to pass on in life through my children when I am blessed to have them,  I hope with a woman of the people at my side!!

Any interest and conversation is appreciated and welcome.  I hope to hear from you soon and often! Mitakuye Oyasin.  Joseph,  Quiet Panther

I have no children of my own.  Nor do I smoke cigarettes or partake in the aspects of tobacco recreationally.
InterestsHobbies include weight lifting,  basketball,  lacrosse,  soccer,  drawing and writing.  Parole plans aren't decided at the moment,  incarcerated since 1996,  current outdate is 2005.  Graphic Design education and career plans.

I've been attending Native American spiritual Circles within I.D.O.C. since 1999,  and while my knowledge and years with the people are young and limited,  it is lifelong.  Within our Circle here at WVCF my brothers call me Quiet Panther,  a name and place I hold in honor and respect,  and although I'm not affluent in either,  I have some knowledge in the Cherokee and Lakotah dialects.

The 1963 Impala (Chevy) is my favorite car and growing up in southern CAlifornia has given me an appreciation for summers,  warm weather and lowrider cars.
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