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Matthew Chadwick photo
Birth Date3/4/71
AddressFederal Prison Camp
P O Box 150160
Atlanta, GA 30315
CommentsInterested in corresponding with Native American spiritual peple and with single Native American women.

The spiritual path I've chosen is the way of the Lakota. When I leave this place, I wish to continue on the Red Road. I fear that I will not be accepted because I am not Lakota. I wish to one day take part in a Sundance ceremony. This will never happen unless I have the support of a respected Spiritual Leader. I run an inipi ceremony here at the prison every week. I fear that I am not worthy to do this but there is no one else. I pray with the pipe every day and ask Wakan Tanka to guide me in the right direction. I've been locked up for (7) years now and the sweatlodge has become my life. I get out of here in about (3) years and all I want to do is start my life over within a Native Circle. We have a man that comes here twice a month that is a good man. If I can meet others as good hearted as he is, then I will have a good circle of friends when I leave this place and return to the free world.
InterestsMy interests include anything in the outdoors. I love nature and anything in it. I've been called a tree hugger more than once. I love animals. I love children.
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