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Johnny Cesario photo
Birth Date
18601 Roxbury Road
Hagerstown, MD 21746
CommentsI'm 5'  10"  tall,  190 lbs.,  with dark brown eyes,  and black hair.  I'm 28 years old, raised in Baltimore City.  I've been incarcerated  4  1/2 years,  go up for parole May 2003,  and have expected release November 7,  2003. 

I'm seeking women of culture for friendship,  correspondence,  and maybe more if the right person.  I'm open minded,  friendly,  outgoing,  strong minded,  and active.  I'm a very spiritual man who loves to share and eager to learn,  and what I will offer to those I meet is understanding that their life is as important to them as mine is to me.  Compassion and tolerance of that which they choose to believe and the way they choose to live,  the freedom to know their own life,  and to discover and develope their own abilities without any unwarranted prejudice from me.
InterestsI listen to all music, but favorite is raggae.  I love to travel and meet new people to learn of different cultures and places  -   this I am very interested in.  My hobbies are playing chess and cars.  I love the game of chess and consider myself to be a master at it.  I enjoy fast cars and racing them.
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