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NumberJ 05269
Birth Date2/5/75
AddressPelican Bay State Prison
P O Box 7500
Crescent City, CA 95532
Nation/TribeOjibwa (Chippewa)
CommentsI am Ojibwa but I know very little of my heritage. I found this web site and now I hope to find someone who shares my interests. I would like to know more about my tribe as well as learn about new ones. I grew up in East Los Angeles. Now I am 30 and as I've grown, my curiousity has too. If you enjoy writing letters and exchanging ideas, I would like to meet you. Yes, I'm very interested in my heritage but on a higher level, I am searching for an opportunity to build a friendship. I have a few more years to do. I am optimistic and I see my incarceration as a chance to learn new things, to grow mentally, physically, and spiritually. I need someone on my team who is postive, outgoing, loyal, and supportive. At the same time, will allow me to be the same. While you read this, if you should find you would like to know me, remember I am only a letter away.
InterestsI love poetry, literature, music, books, and drawing. I spend my days reading, studying Spanish Philosophy, history and mythology. Books and resources are linmited but we do what we can. My other interests include my heritage, exercising, sports: baseball (Red Sox), Basketball NBA (Lakers), college football (USC). I like to cook. Since I can't in here, I watch it on tv. It's my 2nd guilty pleasure. As to who I'm interested in writing, all are welcomed to write.
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