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Bruce Cass photo
Birth Date12/16/73
AddressOklahoma State Penitentiary (OSP) D-2 #25
P O Box 97
McAlester, OK 74502
Nation/TribeChoctaw (1/2), Seminole (1/4), Creek (1/4)
CommentsBeing able to place this ad gives me the opportunity to stand out among others and be seen as an individual, rather than automatically being pre-judged by my current status (incarcerated) and the stigma that follows. Yes, I have made the mistake of breaking the law, but I shouldn't solely be judged by that. I also have goals I plan to achieve in life beyond these bars and fences. Qualities as a person that can be seen and some felt by getting acquainted with me on a personal basis, given the opportunity to do so. Being incarcerated isn't a pattern in my life, nor will it continue to be, but I have used this time to strengthen my values and priorities in life to succeed in my ambitions and goals in life. This is my first time incarcerated. I feel that I have a lot to offer and share as a person and I do hope to find a friend to share it with while in prison and beyond these bars. I feel that I'm genuine in all that I say, feel and think, and I hope that is seen through this pen pal ad.

My Native American blood is of (3) different nations, but I am under the Choctaw roll. I hope placing this ad will give me the opportunity to correspond with womeone with the same pride I live and feel for who we are, common qualities or just a person with a sincere heart that would like to get to know me on a personal basis. I would like to thank NAPN for the opportunity to reach out of this world (prison) and the opportunity to be seen and known as a person and not just another Indian in prison.
InterestsI am a very open person with such qualities as ambitious, non judgemental, family values, spiritually strong, self confident, up front, open minded and genuine in heart and mind. I'm a strong believer in carrying on my tribal traditions and ways of our people. I'm a very out going person, adventurous, enjoy many outdoor events, darts, pool, cookouts, and just taking time to relax.
Release Date4/21/08 or Parole 3/15/05

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