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Joel Carrazco photo
Birth Date2/22/75
AddressASPC Eyman - SMU II - 4 I 16
P O Box 3400
Florence, AZ 85232
Nation/TribeRosebud Lakota Sioux
CommentsI am 6 ft. tall,  brown eyes,  black hair,  and raised in Glendale,  AZ.

I am currently serving a 16  1/2  year prison sentence in Arizona.  I will be elgible for release in the year 2008-09 at the age of 33.  As you read this,  I am incarcerated at a "Super Maximum" Security lock down facility known as S.M.U. II (Special Management Unit #2).  It is one of the most secure and draconian type lock down facilities in the United States.  I spend nearly 24 hours of every day locked in a 10 by 8 foot windowless cell with unpainted gray walls.  I have no interaction with any other prisoners,  even eating in my cell.  The cell lights are kept burning bright 24 hours a day,  365 days a year.  Three times a week I get five minutes of water for a shower and shave.  Every other day,  if I'm lucky,  I spend an hour in a recreation/exercise area   -   a 12  by  20 foot empty room with 20 foot high walls and a mesh crate ceiling.  No exercise equipment whatsoever is provided.  Since my arrival in August of 2001,  I have not seen the sun,  moon,  or stars,  etc.  No prisoner is permitted to possess any type of job.  So for prisoners,  such as myself,  that have no source of income or family support,  it is sometimes difficult obtaining basic necessities such as hygiene products and writing materials.  This facility is designed to inflict hardships on prisoners' mental,  physical,  and spiritual well being.

This is a brief account of where and how I live at this time.
InterestsThe types of books that I enjoy reading include history,  autobiographies,  biographies,  true crime,  education,  and most non-fiction.  I also enjoy national and international news (informative) magazines.  The types of music that I enjoy listening to include jazz,  R & B,  oldies,  some hip-hop (rap),  classic rock,  country,  and I would like to take up and learn to understand Native American music(s) also.

I'm a Native American man interrested in meeting you. I am seeking new friends from all walks of life - race, age, gender, religious beliefs, country of origin, etc are not important factors as far as I'm concerned. [NOTE: NAPN requires site visitors to be 18 years of age or older.] All peoples with open minds, good hearts, and helpful intentions are more than welcome to join me in friendship. As you can imagine, my past has been filled with tragedies, mistakes, and troubles as I have been a less than peffect human being. But with this said, I ask that you get to know me and my heart before you judge me. I've not been perfect, but that doe snot make me a bad person. If you would like to bring a smile to my sad and lonely heart behind these dark walls, then I will be wiating to hear from you. I will respond to all letters that come my way. I hope to hear from you soon.

Hobby wise,  due to my very restrictive environment, my only hobby is drawing artwork with simple black ink pen on whatever paper is accessible to me.

My plans consist of educating myself as much as possible while I am still incarcerated.  I will attempt to make the best of my situation.  I have no formal job skills or training to speak of,  so my future beyond these walls is uncertain.  But I will say that I have not ever been disheartened by a hard day's work.  The thought of counseling troubled youth has cross my mind on a few occassions.  I had no mentor to help guide me down the right path as I was growing up,  so maybe that is an option that I will pursue.  I'm also considering moving to another state or possibly another country.
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