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Birth Date8/21/61
AddressRt 1, Box 150
Tennessee Colony, TX 75884
CommentsI am a long term prisoner.  I am serving LIFE. I am an activist involved in prisoners rights issues, especially concerning the current religious situation here in Texas with Native Americans. I am a writer. I focus on spiritual as well as political things.  I am also writing a book about prison life and the system as a whole.
InterestsI am a musician.  I can play the guitar, piano, bass and the drums.  I am also a craftsman, woodwork and leathercraft.  I enjoy reading novels of all types.  I also like to study Native American history and world history too.  I am also studying to learn to write.  I am basically self taught.  I am held in segregation, I have nothing but time.  I try to find happiness in communication with people in the free world.  I try to think positive no matter my situation.
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