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Birth Date
Address3405 Deer Park Drive S.E.
Salem, OR 97310
Nation/TribeRogue River Tututni
CommentsI am 37 years of age,  5'  4" tall,  151 lbs with traditional hair below my belt line.  I'm Rogue River Tututni of the Siletz Reservation.  I am finishing up a 10 year sentence,  have around 4 years left.  I am the Chief of the Inipi-Oyate-ki (Native American club) here at Oregon State Correctional Institution (OSCI).

I am a traditional dancer,  singer,  and drummer.  I have practiced martial arts for 15 years,  plus an avid guitar and bass player.  I write poetry and do a little art on the side.  If a pen pal was interested in writing,  I would like to correspond.
Release Date

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