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Birth Date
P O Box 916
Shelby, MT 59474X
Nation/TribeGros Venture / Assiniboine
CommentsI am from the Fort Belknap res, grew up on a small cattle and horse ranch. Currently saving money to learn to hitch horsehair. Also trying to learn my traditional ceremonies. Have been locked down 2 years on a 5 year sentence. Got 5 years probation after release. Am in prison for assault on a peace officer and 2 escapes, I was 17 at the time (19 now). The courts charged me as an adult. I"m going to Job Corp as soon as I get out because I don't have any job training except as a part time cow hand. I would like to learn how to do diesel mechanics. If I don't go to Job Corp I would like to attend college.

I'm 6' 4", about 212 lbs. I never been too far away from my reseervation. When I got locked up, I was a junior in high school. I'm trying to change my ways of life but at times its hard to do something when there's no one to motivate you. This is all there is no know about me. Race does not matter.
InterestsI like to go hunting; like all kinds of music from country to rap; attend sweats. My favorite music artists are Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, 2Pac, Jim MOrrison, John Fogerty, and Eminem. I like fighting and scary movies. I like to play basketball. Would like to learn to hitch horsehair so I can make some money and send most of it home to my family, because like me, they are going through hard times. When I get out I would also like to travel around the US.
Release Date01/26/09

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