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William Black Cloud photo
Birth Date5/31/73
AddressASPC Tucson - Rincon Unit
10,006 S. Wilmot Road
Tucson, AZ 85734-4403
Nation/TribeHunkpapa Lakota
CommentsTo those that may read this,  I would like you to know that although I have been incarcerated for a good portion of my adult life,  I have been exposed to many Native cultures,  as well as my own Lakota heritage thanks to my father.  From the teachings from my father,  tribal elders,  and my prison experience,  I have learned to appreciate and love the opportunities that I have been given.  I feel that all of the suffering and sacrifices that I have made will blessings returned to me in the forms of knowledge,  love,  and a true understanding of my existence.
InterestsOf all the interests I have,  I believe reading is probably the most appreciated,  considering where I am.  I enjoy reading about Native history,  politics,  and spirituality.  Although books are an important source of information and knowledge,  I acknowledge the importance of verbal and written sharing.
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