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NumberAS 0751
Birth Date3/12/67
AddressS C I Greensburg
RD #10, Box 10
Greensburg, PA 15601
Nation/TribeJalagi (Cherokee)/Brazilian
CommentsI'm 35 years old, son of a Jalagi mother and Brazilian father.  I have strong roots in our way of life.  Yes,  I am in prison,  a few years ago I did something I assumed was the right thing.  It turned out I was very wrong.  Since my incarceration I have learned a lot about myself.  I have taken it onto myself to use this time to grow and heal.  I've put myself through two years of college and earned my Certification in Child and Adult Education and Counseling. My wish is not only to make outside contacts,  but to also,  hopefully,  find a sister on the path that I can build a lasting,  more personal relationship with.  My life has had enough of relationships that do not share,  I guess I could say,  Spiritually,  as I do.  Too many conflicts and not enough understanding. am not saying I do not wish to correspond with male pen pals as I would not cut my blessings so short.  I wish to correspond with anyone on the path,  on the outside of the iron house.  I wish to meet brothers and sisters on the path who would be an influence in my growth spiritually,  and who I may possibly help grow in the same way.

My plans for after release are to obtain employment at a Youth Development Center or Detention Center for teens or Social Services,  and find a way I can share what I know or learn to guide our brothers and sisters on the path,  back to the path,  or just to simply help them to a better way of living.  Maybe volunteer at a self-help clinic.  I know it all sounds like some big noble dream,  but,  that is what I really wish to do with my life and I will seek out the places that I can do these things and be productive with our people.
InterestsI like late 60's,  all 70's,  early 80's rock,  and R and B rock music.  My new most liked groups are Wallah-A Rita Coolidge group of Cherokee Women,  The Carrs,  and Nickel Back. My family raised horses so I do love horseback riding,  or just simply walking beside my horse on the trails and making new ones.  I like long walks in the woods,  a little camping,  mostly renegade camping.  I enjoy rainy nights and sunny mornings.  I love to sociallize with my brothers and sisters on the path and sharing thoughts on Native Spirituality.  I'm a good listener,  and always willing to listen when someone just needs to verbally express themself. In summary,  music,  nature,  art and drawing,  writing songs and poetry;  family,  groups,  and organizations that are willing to help our brothers and sisters,  and all the children
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