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Birth Date6/25/74
AddressASPC Florence - Central unit
P O Box 8200
Florence, AZ 85232
Nation/TribeNavajo (Dine) Tribe
CommentsI felt it was appropriate to get involved with this pen pal situation because I feel there is a lot of open minded women in the world. Plus I feel there is someone I could really get acquainted with. A lot of people feel like, just becdause a person is incarcerated, he's a bad person. I can honestly say that, I'm in here for a wrong decision I made. "Everyone makes mistakes," but I own up to my wrong doing. I'm a man of many talents, fulfilled with passionate thoughts; an artist, also an overwhelming way of communicating with women. I like to meet a lot of different people. It doesn't matter which type of women wants my attention, being someone on the inside lookin out. I'm willing to provide her with my thoughts, feelings, art work and words of expression to put a smile or two upon her face. For all the right reasons. That reason is because I believe in treating females like ladies. So go on ahead and avoid hesitation from picking up a pen, so we may establish some kind of commnication.
InterestsMy interests in a women, gratitude, respect and potential. Also a women with a few minutes of her valueable time, to share with me a thought or two.
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