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Charles Bender photo
Birth Date
AddressUSP Marion
P O Box 1000
Marion, IL 62959-7500
Nation/TribeBlackfoot, Cherokee, African American
CommentsHello ... my name is Charles Bender, my friends call me LA which is actually an acronym that symbolizes my ancestry. I'm a 30 year old Native/African American from Washington, DC. I've been incarcerated since 1995 and my scheduled release date is 2008. I've taken advantage of this leisure time by applying myself constructively (ie mentally, spiritually, vocationally). I'm in pursuit of acquiring a certificate in Business Management. I'm a student of life/seeker of truth. I enjoy reading/studying (archeology, law, religions), Physiology, and Metaphysics. Also I'm a student of holistics); exercising and writing poetry.

Basically my musical preferences are (cultural/conditionally) anything I can relate to. To be gist as possible, I voyage (without a map or compass) in search of a female friend with strong values. A realist (yet down to earth), more content with interacting with the mind, to where it stimulates interest (maybe I'll land abroad the treasure isles of yours hearts compassion, must as I have your computer screen). Some oepn minded with empathy to the imperfections of human nature. Too often people form the wrong preconception (eg seeing things from /through another persons views, experiences) of most brothers incarcerated, which takes me back to an old saying, "One bad apple spoils the whole batch." To each his own, is my proverb. Today I'd like to rectify this negative image: Means, Intent, Cause, Effect Those four words have strong meaning to the daily functions of life. To me, they're the four physical elements of human nature. My point? My means for submitting this ad is not only to correspond with other Native American brothers and sisters, but also in hopes that I could formally establish a more personal rapport with that someone special. (A true friend, soulmate is so rare nowadays, therefore its sacredness is immeasurable. No exact estimation can be placed on things priceless.) who were placed in a pre condition that led to a predicament yet, were able to emerge (against all odds) a more responsible man today [still I rise]. Also, to show/prove I've merited your time and efforts.

The potentially re-establish a severed ethnicity. Ultimately the effects of your decision to correspond with me will be a commemorative event, leaving a palatable after effect on the spirit (soul). Being in these circumstances that I'm temporarily afflicted by, I've learned to see things face value for their worth, rather than as I hoped, wanted, or expected them to be. Being in this predicament, there's two things in life I've grown to appreciate. The first is my freedom (though limited, I persevere nevertheless). Secondary, but most necessary, a good woman. They're both so easy to lose and so hard to gain back. There's an old adage, "You never miss a good thing til it's gone." That statement is so true. Thank you for taking the time to peruse these contents for we both know that "time is of essence..." I feel obligated to aded that I'm under the dependents of the Creator. I seek no financial gain, only mutual balance through every aspect of life.
Release Date2008

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