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Clay Bear photo
Birth DateOct 21, 1973
AddressEly State Prison
P O Box 1989
Ely, NV 89301
Nation/TribeDine / Iroquois
CommentsAttention Ladies:

Dear Friend/Potential pen pal,

Hi! First and foremost I greet you with utmost care and respect. I greatly appreciate that you kindly chose to view my ad. Please allow me a moment of your precious time as to formally introduce myself.

My name is Clay Bear. I'm a Native nationality born and draised in the southern part of California - U.S. Eventually I'd relocated to the home land of my native people in northern Arizona. My mother is a full blood Navajo (Dine) Indian, and my father is of the Iroquois Six Nation.

I've always taken interest in a wide variety of customs, cultures, and beliefs of people. I'm not one in position to criticize the path one chooses to follow. Personally I've lived a hard life growing up, speaking in terms of living my life as I sought without guidance, direction or being mutually balanced both spiritually and physically. It took a turn for the worst in Sept 1998 after having been convicted by jury of robbery related offenses. I've since been imprisoned behind these walls. Fortunately no person was ever hurt in regard to my conviction. I belive things happen for a reason.

I don't consider myself a bad person. Physically I may be confined to a prison cell, but in a spiritual sense my heart and spirit is not. I'm not perfect and am a man to admit that. I've long accepted the burden, consequences, and responsibility of my own regretful actions. Rather than it lay as an obstacle to keep me from moving on, I've choose to correct myself, and find the inner strength of what one is truely capable of accomplishing and overcoming. For me it lied within my own heart and spirit.

I'm an artist. It is the passion of my heart. It's expressed like poetry within, bringing to light the significance of profound inner beauty.

I express myself as being genuine, sincere, understanding, and caring. I'm a down to the heart individual, very out going, creative, and have a unique personality. I'm very simple and easty to get along with.

What I seek is the light of love, friendship, and understanding from potential pen pals beyond these prison walls. Preferably single women 18-35 years old. I'm a heterosexual male as straight as an arrow. I believe and respect the belief in sharing a quality equal relationship. I don't play games. I'm very honest and confident where I stand. The door to my heart is open for you, least you not be afraid to step in and take the time to know me for who I really am. To explore the profound wonders and mysteries of what truely lies within this convict's heart. I firmly believe in one God. Life is precious and is something I don't take for granted. We only live once and become only what we make ourselves to be. I strive for a more positive outcome, to be successful in all I am able to do, with complete confidence, hope, and faith. It will be the fruit of my labors through goodness and faith that will lead me on the path of success. I'm not rich materialistically, my friend, but all I have stored within my heart I can freely share with you. Your letter alone can certainly change the outcome of my day behind these walls.

I enjoy various music, reading a variety of books, exercising, drawing, writing, and being active.

I'm 6'1" in height, light complected, weigh 170 lbs., have light brown eyes, short brown hair, a dimple on right cheek, and do have tattoos and piercings, and positive personality. It won't cost anything for you to take the time to know me, compared to the possibilities of sharing a priceless companionship. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Until then, may you continue to walk in beauty. I wish you well and happiness. Your company is most welcomed and appreciated. Feel free to ask anything you wish.
InterestsSeeking potential pen pal/female companion, preferbly 18-35 years of age. Nationality not a factor, kids okay. My interests consist of reading, a variety of music, spirituality, traveling, excitement, romance, and art. I've been an artist for the past decade of my life and I'm confident.
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