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Tale of the Creature
by Isadore Baptisto

I have a story to tell, itís unique, strange, and to some, perhaps unbelievable. This is a true tale, since am an active participant. Many years ago, no specific time, we, meaning family, relatives, being farmers, got together to work on the land. Land tilled, and planted, ditches created for flow of water to help growth of crops.

As in a common act, holes were put along the ditches to allow water flow unto each acre. Three hundred acres is a lot of maintenance year round. We would walk along the ditch, open each entrance for water flow, make for a sure way. Taking any weeds, debris out of the areas. Each time we opened an entrance, everyone stepped back in anticipation of something being stirred within. But, being so far away from water, no animal would there abouts in dry, dusty places. After, several hours of this, and no excitement at all, everyone got tired of walking. The sun was almost overhead, and just a few more acres needed to be checked. I still remained a bit cautious when each new entrance was checked. The disbelief, and shock I would experience in those next few minutes, would, also, be etched within my memory as if yesterday was when things occurred in my life.

The holes in the ditches were called port-holes. As I stood in front of this one port-hole, while a relative opened from inside the ditch each port-hole, we took out the tumbleweeds. We heard a rustling sound, movement very faint, but there, definitely was something inside, hidden, just as quick as a shadow, a blur came running out, we didnít even see it, since Iím directly in front, I felt it, inside my pant leg. At At first thought, a snake. Will get bitten for sure, but, it couldnít be one, we didnít see. And, the speed said no snake. Whatever this was, I immediately shook my pants leg thinking this would help gravity drop whatever came up my pants leg. The relatives didnít see anything either, and asked about my strange dance, after telling of something up my leg, it didnít seem possible.

In the meantime, while talking, shaking my lge, the animal, creature, starts to move up-wards still. Now the look on my face must register a worried one. Because by this time nothing falls out, and there is now something crawling up past my knee. The others slowly move forward, not quite accepting what was said, while looking around, mind racing, and not by thought, just a reaction to what was happening. Putting my thumb tips together, creating a circle pressed against my leg just above movement, to stop the upward journey. By now everyone out there stood around me, some off in the distance to be cautious for themselves. Talking softly to each other, looking more worried than me. The oldest of the group stepped towards me, looked over the whole scene, and stated, ďWhat can we do?Ē

Feeling some type of relief now, knowing I was not in this situation alone, even thought it was my leg, and quickly thought of options available, taking my pants off seemed quick, but helpless since I was holding it in place on one leg. I would just make movement more difficult. A few comments on that lead to a conclusion of ďNo.Ē

With my arms wrapped I couldnít use them, so said, it may help to push down on whatever was there, which may just turn and go back down. So, this seemed okay, and with slow movements against the animal. It immediately pushed claws deeper into my skin. Not wanting to leave, STOP! STOP! Came quick from me. Itís not working so, came up with the thought to pinch the very front of the creatureís body, forcing a response for whatever was there to turn away. But, the oldest didnít want to touch the creature. So, I told him to just go away.

Filling with frustration and anger, used one hand to guard the front progress, while with the other, pinched the front. At first no response, then as I applied more pressure there was a crunching sound like cellophane being crunched up between two hands. The first few times only seemed to make the grip on my skin tighter, little claws dug into the skin. Finally after one strong nudging push, just as quickly the full grown lizard dropped to the ground and dashed off. Once everyone saw what it was, laughter followed with comments of how I got all excited about some lizard. My response was, it wasnít their leg it was running up. And, for what reason, we never found out.

Isadore Baptisto #60090
Cheyenne South - 9D 12 Lower
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