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Isadore Baptisto photo
Birth Date02/21/62
AddressASPC Eyman - SMU II - B 4 I - 08
P O Box 3400
Florence, AZ 85232
Nation/TribeAkimel - O'odham
CommentsI enjoy meeting people and having been in prison since 1986,  am still single by choice.  I feel it is wrong to make a female suffer from not having the one she loves near all the time!  It takes a very strong spirit,  so we can just be friends,  and enjoy conversating! Waiting to get into some good thoughts with you out there!!
InterestsOne huge interest of mine is doing portraits,  enjoy doing faces with a passion!  You send me a 35mm photo and I will gladly send a drawing of that photo to you.  It will give me more practice and also enjoy looking at a very,  very pretty woman!!  Building friendships takes a lot of honest communication between people!  Making up stories only hurts everyone eventually.  I check my thoughts so am not misleading or hurtful.  Mostly,  accept people as human beings as I would want to be treated.  I know of how many others can be and find it so immature!  Am a grown man,  being responsible for my actions! Excuse my on-going,  it was interest being discussed. Enjoy horseback riding, being outside away from everyone, quiet places with only Mother Earth to hear, see, and feel!!  Like water, lakes, oceans, sitting on the beach, shore watching, and listening to water touching land!!  Many more, just write and we can build our friendship more!?!
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