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Abraham Banks, Sr photo
NumberT 99238
Birth Date07/22/81
AddressCalifornia State Prison Sacramento
P O Box 290066
Represa, CA 95671-0066
Nation/TribeBlackfoot/Crow/African American
CommentsSurrounding yourself with new acquaintances signifies a new beginning to one's journey in life. In order to learn the personality of an individual that has captivated the intriguement of your best interest or personal desire, you msut make an earnest effort to initiate the process of an introduction.

In life people seem to characterize an individual by their physical appearance, theoretically assuming that their own personal perspective of that person is extremely accurate. In a sense that is similiar to judging a book by its cover, you'll never grasp the moral content unless you study the book with a zealous interest.

I find myself searching for new acquaintances, intelligent signs of life who are willing to share new ideals and aspirations of future achievements. Giving us the perfect opportunity to provide one another with the proper admonishment, as we attain more logical solutions that this phyiscal land of living has to offer.

A person who is also God conscious, spiritually aware of a deity that is far superior than our finite minds and mortal existence. One to acquire knowledge with as we obtain the true principles of livign, perceiving life from a more clearer perspective.

Allowing our mental capacities to expand by using the key of wisdom to unlock hidden doors of unique human potential and the power of creativity that we possess within the psychological boundaries of our minds.

As a representation of my spiritual as well as physical character, I would describe myself symbolically as a rare white diamond on a bright noon day. For the best quality diamond can withstand the most pressure in its solid form, it has the unique ability to cut other diamonds, being that it is one of the sharpest objects on our planet, signifying a symbolic form of wisdom. This element is a beautiful jewel to gaze upon, as it reflects light in a directions and angles, which can also be enlightening. Giving it the fine quality of being a woman's best friend, the saying must be true that diamonds are forever.

This composition is an invitation to a new friendship and new beginning, all correspondences are welcomed. Age is unimportant [NOTE: NAPN requires site visitors to be minimum 18 years of age.] I look forward to receiving a response from you. Hopefully you have received these phrases with an optimistic mind, and may the powers of the creators above be your guidance in life.
InterestsInterested in meeting new acquaintances and a Queen for long term companionship.
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