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NumberH 14526
Birth Date10/16/64
AddressS A T F State Prison D-3 209up
P O Box 5242
Corcoran, CA 93212
CommentsMany eyes will look upon these words and I believe it's going to take someone special to allow them to sink into the heart. Someone passionate bout friendship that can break down the barriers of distance and loneliness.  You can meet many people out there,  but we all have our own loneliness and I'm looking forward to sharing it with you.  If you have a desire to expand your boundaries,  then let's bring our lives together. I'm a 37 year old Pima/Yokut,  raised in California.  I stand 5'  11" in height,  weigh 190 lbs.,  medium complexion,  brown eyes,  and short brown/black hair. I have a very good sense of humor.  I am serving a life sentence and as a Native American,  it gives me time to set my life,  friends,  and future in perspective.  There's much to look forward to for both you and me...  In friendship,  I'm looking for a female friend who loves to express her mind,  innermost thoughts,  and is strong willed,  independent,  and loves to smile.
InterestsI enjoy poetry and writing short stories,  and seeking new experiences.  I'm an emotionally and physically fit man,  waiting for you to step into my life and most of all,  my future.  Write me.
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