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Birth Date
AddressSouth Dakota State Penitentiary
PO Box5911
Sioux Falls, SD 57117-5911
Nation/TribeYankton Sioux/Hispanic/German/Portugeuse
CommentsI am 22 years old, leave prison Jan 7, 2005. I'm looking for a Native American lady for a long term relationship. I have nobody to write to, hardly have family. I got 1 kid. Prefer a Native American lady, in South Dakota, b/t ages of 21 and 33, but doesn't have to be Native American and is ok if she has kids. Beauty doesn't mean nothing to me, it's what's in the heart that counts. I'm looking for a down to earth lady that is settled down and ready to start a life. I'd have to say this, it doesn't matter if she is a smoker or not.
InterestsFor me, I like to ride bikes, camping, fishing, wildlife, gardening, walks, watching movies, playing board and card games, spending time tgether.

I also like to listen to music. I listen to rock, heavy metal, death metal, and classic rock. My most favorite band is KORN. I also like to write, write poems, draw (a little), and meet new friends, I'm very patient, caring, loving, honest, straight up forward. Nothing is too personal for me. Also that she has a good personality.
Release Date1/7/05

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