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NumberP 22552
Birth Date
AddressSoledad South - CTF D-2-77 up
P O Box 690
Soledad, CA 93960-0690
Nation/TribeApache, Spanish/Irish
CommentsI am a 44 year old Apache brother with a little mix of Spaniard and Irish blood. I'm 5' 8" tall and weigh 155 lbs. I'm currently finishing up a 2 year term in a CA prison with (2) months left * but will be going straight to a program for another year. Like many of my brothers and sisters, I have a substance abuse problem but made a decision to do something about it. I now walk the Red Road and participate in our Inipi ceremonies here regularly. * as of 1/9/05
InterestsI'm interested in writing sisters on this Turtle Island while finishing up these few short months and continue to do so while I'm at the program since it's at the other end of the state from where I live. I"ll accept letters from all sisters.
Release Date

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