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Birth Date11/16/70
AddressSouth Dakota State Penitentiary
P O Box 5911
Sioux Falls, SD 57117-5911
Nation/TribeOglala Sioux  -  Pine Ridge,  SD
CommentsI'm 5'  8",  190 lbs.  with black hair and dark brown eyes.  I'm have a fair build and am very much into art.  I enjoy rock & roll music,  with some rap;  good books,  and like to paint and make things with my hands.  I am very smart and enjoy comedy and am very humorous.  I have a wide imagination and a sharp sense of humor. I like to write,  draw,  and create things with my hands.  Almost all of my work consists of a Native American theme,  or always has something to do with the Indian. I have a big heart,  am always looking for someone to be friends with.  I'm very patient,  with (4) years,  10 months to go before I can get out. I have a small list of the crafts and arts that I do have.  For more information about me or my work,  even a picture,  please write.
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