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Unnamed Poem

Charles Anagal

Love, Passion, Desire
All the emotions your heart can acquire
Happiness, is what you inspire
Your pursuit is what I admire
2 hearts is what’s required

Putting all our energies into this love,
Shining bright like the sun up above!
At night you’re the only one I dream of!
Every minute with you I just can’t get enough!
Every line is dedicated to you “My Love”

Baby, you are so very special
To my life, you are so very crucial
In my eyes, you are so beautiful
Grace pours from you by the bucketfull
The presence you leave is very memorable

Your touches are so delicate
And I cherish your intellect
My love for you will carry pass “infinate”
Living life in love, the way the Lord created it!
Don’t stress the small stuff, we will always make it!

All you have to do is believe in me,
That alone is a must, just watch and see,
My heart is locked, and you hold the key
Open the lock and set me free!
For you are my love, my life, my precious Lady!!!

2003 C Anagal

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