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Kevin Allen photo
NumberE 24908
Birth Date
AddressPelican Bay State Prison SHU C-1-212
P O Box 7500
Crescent City, CA 95532
CommentsI write to you in hopes of several positive responses. I would like to be put on the internet website in hopes of gaining some positive influences in my life. Second, I would like to know about my blood and people. Someone who would go out of their way and spend time with me.

I'm not full blooded ... I'm only quarter Cherokee. My father's mother was full blooded. Her name was Carrie Burke, she's passed away. I know only a small percentage of my blood than runs through my veins is Indian but i want to know about that part of me. It's taken many years for this feeling to come about because I've gotten older and therefore a bit wiser. With that wiseness comes now a curiousity about what all I'm about as a human being on this earth.

I'm a segregated inmate at Pelican Bay State Prison SHU facility and therefore have lots of time on my hands to learn, being I spend 22 1/2 hours a day locked up.
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