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DeLeon Alexander photo
Birth Date8/11/75
AddressIonia Maximum Correctional Facility
1576 Bluewater Highway
Ionia, MI 48846
Nation/TribeTaino - Puerto Rican/Black - Arawak Indian
CommentsI'm a very down to earth brother who has made a couple bad decisions in life but has learned from my bad decision. I hope to find someone who'll accept me for the man I am today and not judge me for the actions of my youthful years.
InterestsI enjoy writing, reading anything especially materials pertaining to Native American heritage. I'm very deep of into marital arts, skilled in muay thai and tang-su-do. I enjoy having fun and intelligent conversation and debates.
Release DateAs of now, my first out date is 12/01/06; my last out date is 8/20/07

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