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Birth Date04/22/81
AddressMuskegon Correctional Facility
2400 South Sheridan Road
Muskegon, MI 49442-6298
Nation/TribeSault St Marie Tribe of Chippewa
CommentsWhoever may be reading this, would like to start off by introducing myself.  My full name is Joshua Solomon Aikens.  I was born in Detroit,  MI.  As you can see,  I am a bit young,  but do not let that get in the way when meeting new people for the first time. I would say that I am an honest,  open,  and thoughtful individual with a good heart.  Sometimes I like expressing myself through poetry,  which I have compiled over the years.  I am a very athletic person,  who likes to play sports and workout routinely to stay in shape.  Physically,  I am 6'  tall,  185 lbs,  with long brown hair and hazel eyes. The long term goal I have set while being in prison is to obtain a degree before I am released.  Currently I am enrolled at Central Michigan University where I am taking courses for a degree in Business Administration.  So far I have hearned 18 credit hours. The reason I am writing this is basically to meet new people,  to see how life is going for others.  It would be nice to conversate with someone new. In closing,  if you would like to write me and start a conversation,  my address is above.  Hopefully whoever is reading this,  you are in good spirits.  Take care ... Josh
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