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David Adkins photo
Birth Date12/29/75
AddressFederal Correctional Insititution
P O Box 5000
Oakdale, LA 71463
CommentsHalito! My name is David and I'm a prisoner looking for a pen pal. Here is a little of myself. I'm mostly traditional and am very proud of my heritage. I'm of Chickasaw, Choctaw and Irish ancestry but have never been confused of who I am. Chikasha saya. I'm from the beautiful state of Oklahoma.
InterestsI love home but love to travel too. I really enjoy pow wows, festivals, etc. and all kinds of dancing. I love music of all types but my favorite is Native and rock-n-roll. I love excitement and having fun, and also just relaxing to a sunset. I love the outdoors and animals but I also enjoy the cities. Well that's it for now except this, I've been locked up since January of 1998. I'm single and unfortunately have no children. I could use a good friend. Take care and hope to hear from you. All my relations. David.
Release Date2010

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