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Effective July 1, 2006 NAPN can no longer accept applications, add or remove inmates.
NAPN has grown beyond my ability to handle it alone. The site is no longer monitored.
As of 9/2/06 all pages on the old site have been moved to this new space
with the hopes it will continue to be beneficial for the inmates listed.

By the end of the year 2000 the United States incarceration rate had reached 2,071,686 persons in federal, state, territorial, local, INS, military, Indian Country, and juvenile jails/prisons/facilities. (Bureau of Justice Statistics)

The Native American Prisoner Network site is for Native American (First Nations) inmates.
The inmates on these pages are from various tribes, incarcerated in different facilities throughout the United States. Many are incarcerated far from home, from family and/or friends, from their tribes. While some do have family they remain in contact with, many have no family or friends, no contact with the outside.

On the enclosed pages you will find native inmates' pages, displaying their personal information, photos, artwork, writings, etc.   Go through the information, photos, artwork and/or writings samples and choose an inmate to correspond with.  Let them know they are not forgotten - remember them on their birthday and other holidays.

Please be respectful and honor copyrights, do not take anything from this site without permission from the artist or author.



Please read this disclaimer carefully.
By clicking on "I Agree" below,  you indicate having read and agreeing to the disclaimer.

You acknowledge that you are 18 years of age or older.

NAPN is not responsible for contact and/or correspondence between inmates and non-inmates.
On both the inside and outside you will find those willing to take advantage of others.
We urge caution,  good judgement,  and good sense in your contact.
While we urge,  and strive for,  respectful contact between the inside and outside,  we are not responsible for contact results.

We do not condone disrespectful behavior and do request that such behavior be reported to us immediately.

We reserve the right to refuse to list or remove any who conduct themselves disrespectfully.

We recommend contact with NO more than two inmates at any given facility.

We strongly suggest that if you are interested in writing a prisoner you go to the DOC site for that prisoner and if it has a searchable database,  that you look up the prisoner.

We know that some non-native inmates will list themselves as native to be listed on the site.  We do not act as "pen pal police" but we do request that if you discover an inmate on this page claiming to be native,  who are not,  please notify us immediately,  with documentation.  Any inmate claiming to be native who is determined not to be,  will be removed from the site.

NAPN is not affiliated or allied with any other organization, agency, or institutions, for any purpose.
If any organization suggests a connection to/with NAPN, please notify me at the SD address.


Our background is a collage of artwork of Native inmates on this site, done to represent the variety of tribes/nations represented. This background was designed by Sue Martin using Paint Shop Pro. We cannot thank Sue enough for this beautiful background.